About CAI

The Construction Advancement Institute (CAl) was founded for the purpose of promoting activities that encourage, foster and stimulate the common interests of building contractors and subcontractors.

The Construction Advancement Institute’s (CAl) mission is to promote and improve the business and general welfare of the building construction and related industries. The CAl offers programs and activities such as safety and accident prevention; promotion of apprenticeship training; educational programs and services; public relations; legislative activities; research into new systems and methods of building construction and materials; market development and relations with architects and engineers in order to fulfill its unique mission. That mission is to serve as a bridge between the myriad of new technologies impacting the construction marketplace today that may well become the standards of tomorrow.

The CAl is a management initiative that aims to ensure the prosperity and growth of Westchester County and the surrounding areas. It is affiliated with the Building Contractors Association of Westchester and the Mid-Hudson Region.

Quality Construction Through Innovation